End of 2021 Report

2021 is ending, so it’s time to assess the overall state of this tiny press for this calendar year.

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In the spring, I had a major medical issue that involved surgery and meant little activity for about four months. Despite that setback, I made a lot of progress on what will likely be the press’ next book. As of December 2021, the Riviera Project sits at 66,000 words and 182 pages—substantial increases over 2020, even as the writing got steadily more involved. 2021 was definitely a productive year for writing about the Riviera and its times—even if I still don’t have a title for the book.

I visited the Sloan Museum in Flint in October and spent a few hours in the archives—I’ll finish the blog post on that stop at some point. Suffice to say that some of the sources I viewed and photographed in the archives had me heavily revising various components of the book. Over the year, I also spent a lot of time thinking about book formatting.

Meanwhile, Lincoln Highway 101, Second Edition continues to find an audience—reinforcing my belief that it was worthwhile to revise it in the first place.

Finally, the J3Studio Press website continues to get a reasonable amount of hits, though I’ll stand by my observation that it’s hard to build an audience for a small press from nothing. However, page views were up 7% over 2020.

Thanks for reading, and on to 2022!