Lincoln Highway 101, Second Edition

What could happen when a doting husband and his amazing wife set out on a trip across America along the 101-year-old Lincoln Highway in their 29-and-a-half-year-old Corvette coupe?

In Lincoln Highway 101, John Mulhern III writes about driving a total of 6,314 miles in 15 days, including eight wonderful and challenging days on the Lincoln Highway itself. The route taken was through widely (and wildly) different states including not only stops in the metropolises of New York City, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, and Denver, but also nights spent in the small cities and towns of Warsaw, Marshalltown, and North Platte. Adventures on the road (including electronic and mechanical issues of various sorts) yield to visits with friends old and new, encounters with several Corvettes and other vehicles of interest, and more than a few great places to eat, sometimes in the most unexpected places.

Lincoln Highway 101 is a book for travel lovers and most certainly for Corvette fans, but most of all it is for devotees of the stunning beauty and seemingly endless variety of the United States of America. This substantially enhanced and extended second edition includes 27 maps showing the precise Lincoln Highway route taken, an annotated bibliography, an index, and over 270 photos and illustrations, almost all of them in color.

First edition published in May 2015, second edition published in November 2018. Available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.