A 21st Century Road Trip

What happens when two people set out on a trip for their tenth wedding anniversary in their 50th Anniversary Edition Corvette convertible with the goal being to rediscover themselves and America?

In this book, John Mulhern III writes about traveling a total of 7,694 miles in 18 days—a route through eighteen widely (and wildly) different states including not only stops in the the cities of Chicago, Santa Fe, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle, but also nights in the small towns of Claremore, Point Arena, and Murdo. Adventures on the road (multiple encounters with both high winds and snow) yield to visits with friends old and new, encounters with various other Corvettes and other vehicles of interest, and more than a few great restaurants, sometimes in the most unexpected places.

A 21st Century Road Trip is a book for travel lovers and most certainly for Corvette lovers, but most of all for devotees of the stunning beauty and endless variety of America. It includes several detailed maps of the route, an annotated bibliography, and over 150 color photos.

Published in December 2006. Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.