Why A Second Edition?

Second Edition logo

A second edition of Lincoln Highway 101 seems at least somewhat pretentious, but I felt that I needed to make another run at this particular story. After I had completed another Corvette-centric travel book (Slightly Slower 66) in late 2015, it became painfully obvious to me that I had missed many opportunities for optimization in the first edition of this book—at least somewhat because it had been so long (eight years) since I had published any book.

In raw numbers, this second edition has 14 more pages than the first edition and over 13,700 additional words (about 66% more). There are also over 65 added images with every one of the photographs included having significantly better color correction. Finally, there are vastly improved and far more detailed maps—there are now 27 of the particular Lincoln Highway route taken where there were previously only four. More importantly than the numerically measured increases, I believe this version of the book is notably more coherent and leaves far less out.

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