End of 2020 Report

2020 is (mercifully) over, so it’s time to assess the overall state of this tiny press for this calendar year.

A lot has gotten done, though my internal clock always tells me we’re slow. The Riviera Project currently sits at 53,600 words and 152 pages—substantial increases over 2019, even as writing got harder. 2020 was definitely a productive year of writing.

Over the year, I’ve also spent a lot of time thinking about how to display the Riviera’s exterior color palette. Part of the process has also included unexpected sources, deep dives, and other cars that are part of the story.

Meanwhile, Lincoln Highway 101, Second Edition has continued to find an audience—reinforcing my belief that it was worthwhile to revise it in the first place.

Finally, the J3Studio Press website itself has taken a reasonable amount of hits, though I have discovered that it’s hard to build an audience for a small press from nothing. However, page views were up 13% over 2019.

… on to 2021!