Outtakes: The First Day Of Spring

(this particular passage never made it into A 21st Century Road Trip, largely because I couldn’t figure out how to clear the rights to the lyrics)

For me, hearing a particular song can key off visceral memories …

… it is the mid-2000s. My wife and I are in our 2003 Corvette convertible, top down, moving fast somewhere out in the mid-west. The bruising (little if any refinement) Bose stereo is on and turned up, meeting (superbly) the only real design brief it ever had: to be heard clearly at 80 mph with the top down.

The CD changer (remember those?) has the title track from Simple Minds’ Real Life on, and Jim Kerr is singing:

All my love, you’re the best,
Every little thing that I possess,
It’s all emotion when you take control,
I can feel wild horses running in my soul.

Somewhere on Route 66—April 2005

The wind whistles and buffets us and the small block LS1 rumbles gently and the trick paint glistens in the bright sun.

Quit dreaming this is real life baby

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